Tree of Religion Illustration- Happy Holidays!

Baha'i Concept of Progressive Revelation and the Oneness of Religions

I'm still cleaning out my portfolios and I recently found a booklet I illustrated once about Religion in the USA. I was living in Connecticut at the time. It was entitled Religion USA and was produced by a company called Happy History, Inc. It's goal was to celebrate the diversity of religions that were present in the area at that time. These are some of the religious symbols I was asked to draw for the book. I thought it would be fun to share these during the Holiday season.
Oneness of Religions
I was asked to draw this as a symbol of
the Baha'i concepts on the Oneness of Religion.
Torah- Judiasm
Religious Symbols
Christian Cross


Christian Symbol
This symbol- the Crown of Thorns was
included in the book as a Christian Science symbol
Another pretty Menorah

Happy Holidays!


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