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Jamila Does Not Want A Bat In Her House- Sketches Redone!

Moving ahead with the illustrations for Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat in Her House, a picture book by Phyllis Ring soon to be published by The US Baha'i Publishing Trust, Wilmette, Illinois. It's interesting to see the progression of my sketches from the original sketches I did earlier this last summer. I'm having fun using google images for references! I'm also having great fun working on the continuity of the characters through the book. More sketches to come! Page 1-updated! My first sketch- done earlier this year. Page 2- 2nd version! Page 2 done earlier in the year. Version 2 version 1  For a great article on one of my favorite writers-Kate DiCamilla, the author of Because of Win-Dixie, The Tales of Desparaux, The Magician's Elephant and more, click here: sketches

Is it ok to imitate? Imitation and it's Role in Art!

This is a self portrait I did recently from a selfie-photo! My self-portrait. I think I've been too flattering with this portrait.  Here is a facinating Ted Talk by one of my favorite comtemporary artists-French American Portrait Artist Gwen Seemel. She's talking about how imitation is good and even essential for everyone, and why she doesn't copywrite her images. And she has a lot to say about Portraiture! Please take a look and tell me what you think about this. So interesting! 

Some Salt River Pics and memories! Upcoming concerts!

That's me Leona, on the left. Then Bev and Mike Rogers, and Cathy King on bass! We performed last night at Red and Shorty's - a small but wonderful concert venue in Dover, NH.   We had a lot of fun sharing our original folk-blues as well as our unique versions of several traditional gospel and folk tunes! We've been together now for 16 years and it just keeps getting better and better! Our next performance together will be at the Wentworth Greenhouses in Dover New Hampshire for their Second Annual Artisan Celebration on Dec. 13 from 9am to 3.  For more info: pm. And we will be performing on New Years Eve at the First Night Celebration in Portsmouth, NH starting at 8pm at South Church on Dec. 31st.  For more info. on First Night: Salt River performing at Alfredos Restaurant in Wells. A Salt River Promo pic! Salt River

Recent and past Caricature commisions!

This caricature that I did recently, of these two cute boys was my latest Etsy commission. I did the following caricatures of adults last Spring through my Etsy shop for a lady in North Carolina, who wanted them done in four days in time to present them to the people I did the caricatures of, at a business conference for hotel managers. I had to research the logos and various items included in the drawings! It was hectic but I had fun doing them!  

Fun At The Church Fair

I had a wonderful time cutting Silhouettes at the United Church of Christ Craft Fair  in North Hampton, NH yesterday! It was the first time people signed up ahead of time to have their silhouettes done. It was a challenge to fit in other people who were at the craft fair that wanted their child's silhouette done, but it worked out. Everyone was very patient with the scheduling! Thanks to Carolyn Brooks of the UCC, who invited me, arranged the scheduling and kept track of everything!