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Character Continuity in children's book illustration!

Lily and her friend Rustam Payman! The original sketch for the illustration above. Almost two years has passed since I illustrated Ronald Tomanio's book"The Imperfect Pilgrim and One Summer, two wonderful stories written with Baha'i Junior Youth in mind. I love the challenge, (as an illustrator of children's books) of creating a visual character that fits the story as well as continuing a consistent look for that character throughout the book. I find it fun to try to figure how a person would look like from different angles! Original Sketches for Lily in "The Imperfect Pilgrim"! Lily and Rustam with friends! Lily with family and friends! Jessie, the dog with Annie in the background from "The Imperfect Pilgrim and One Summer" I took care to make Annie look different from Lily for this story since it was the second story in the same book!   Annie and Jessie Annie and Jessie! Happy Drawing! The book 'The Imp