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Diversity of Portrait Styles: End of The Year Artwork!

Hello all!  A mermaid, a man and his best friend, gargoyles, a day at the beach, a family in love with each other! I so appreciate that lately, during these weird and challenging times, I have had many chances to create artwork for people that have great imaginations for unique Christmas gifts to give to their families and friends! I did all of the portraits pictured below in the last month and a half! A caricature of a girl as a mermaid drawn from a photo of the girl in a mermaid costume on a lake that her family frequents! Ordered through my Etsy shop. A caricature of a man and his dog ordered through my Etsy shop. A caricature of a fun-loving couple as gargoyles, (which is a memento of a specific event special to them) also ordered through my Etsy shop! A caricature portrait of her family requested by my friend!   A graphite drawing of the photo below! Have a great New Years!