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Remembering My 2017 Gigs!

 The pic. on the top is a caricature I did of a woman at a bank conference, I did last May with two other caricaturists! The one on the right and the one below are caricatures I did at The Boys and Girl Club Camp of Gardiner, Me, last August. I did this caricature at a Women's Leadership Conference in Boston, in November. I did this caricature at Traipp Academy's Project Graduation last June, which was held in Laconia, NH, near Weir's Beach. This one was done at an open house at Kittery Community Center in Kittery, Maine in May, 2017. I did this caricature of this lovely lady at The Franklin County Fair, last September! This one was done at The National Event at Kittery Community Center last August. Lots of people attended and the Elvis impersonator was actually really good! I did this at a wedding in North Berwick, Maine in November, 2017!