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Thinking of Spring! While in hospital waiting for my best-beloved to get out of surgery!

A caricature I did a few years ago! This is me last summer working on a portrait outside at Alfred Festival Day in Alfred, ME. St. Patrick's Day is next week and the first day of Spring is just around the corner! I would have been playing irish music today on my guitar with my wonderful friend Mary, who plays awesome flute and penny whistle, at a local cafe. But instead I am spending the weekend with my sweet, brave and patient husband as he recovers from surgery in the hospital near us here in lower seacoast Maine. Yesterday during the long hours of the surgery I could have taken a walk outside, but I got lazy in the waiting room, warm and cosy, free coffee always available! I actually got a little done on my fantasy novel for middle readers, or young adults. I haven't decided which yet! It's a good way not to focus too much on the distressing situation at hand. I read somewhere, probably in one of the many writer's blogs I tool around at, that the