Monday, April 20, 2015

What's new as samples in my Etsy shop? Portraits of my lovely daughter and grandgirls!

Pencil Portrait with descriptive words! Information on ordering a similar portrait design from a photo click here:
I love playing with words and portraits- incorporating them into one design. I also love drawing my family and the portrait I did above is my beautiful daughter and is based on the photo of her below! And the portrait below that is of my daughter and her two lovely daughters, my grandgirls!

I also used this portrait as a sample in my Etsy Shop!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to all!

Mixed Media: pen and ink, colored pencil and collage
Here's an illustration I submitted to Illustration Friday a couple of years ago. Actually this was the first one I ever submitted there, I think! 
Thought I'd bring this one out again and share it! 

Kamal's Day and Babysitter Blues make great Ayyam-i-ha gifts!

Kamal's Day and Babysitter Blues make great gifts!

SO grateful that I have two books that I've written and illustrated available on line NOW!  A picture book for the young ones and a ch...