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Silhouettes/Caricatures/Face Painting Will Travel!

I had a great Fall doing silhouettes, caricatures, and even facepainting- especially around Halloween! In September I did Sihouettes for I think- the fourth year running at The Shaker Hill Apple Festival in Alfred, Maine. I had a great time as always and did quite well.  Later in October I did Silhouettes at Old York Village 's Market Fest and did so well, I felt like a super star or something! So many people were crowding into the small room I was set up in in Jeffer's tavern, by the end of the day, that I ran out of paper and sold a couple of unmounted silhouettes to the last few people who didn't mind at all. It was cold in the room and my hands were freezing by the end of the day, but the fire was roaring in the fireplace in the next room, where they were demonstrating how they cooked in the 17 and 1800's! My booth set up at Shaker Apple Fest in Alfred, Me! Silhouettes at Old York Village in York, Maine! I also did great at the F

Salt River performs at Red &Shorties in Dover on Nov. 14th!

Salt River (Mike Rogers, Bev Rogers, Leona Hosack, and Cathy King) will be performing on Saturday November 14th  starting  at 8 pm at Red & Shorty's Concert Venue, a wonderful place for live music at 4 Paul Street in Dover.  We will be performing traditional and original folk-blues, featuring Mike Rogers on blues harmonica.   Tickets are $15.    Please call  603-767-3305  for reservations.     Hope to see you there!

Summer's End! My Latest Caricature Work!

I have done caricatures and portraits at a lot of wonderful events this summer. My most recent events included a Dog Daze Event at LL Bean in Freeport, ME. I spent around six hours drawing dogs and their owners! I loved it!  I cut silhouettes, drew pencil portraits and caricatures at The Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, Mass., my home town. the second weekend in September. The weather was good, and the people that stopped by were very nice! And I got to visit relatives that still live in the area! This young man has a smile to die for!

What To Do On A Rainy Day!

My daughter Anisa took this picture of me doing a pencil portrait of Zoe the dog. This is the drawing of the same dog, that I drew last year. Last Saturday I did portraits and Silhouettes at the Alfred Festival in Alfred, Maine. It rained off and on all day, but not very hard. Not many people came by. But one couple that had had me do a pencil portrait of their dog from their phone last year at this festival, found me again this year and asked me to do the same!  I did this caricature of a girl who's mom was one of the vendors in another tent. The other day I had an urge to check out what Illustration's latest drawing prompt was. I haven't submitted to Illustration Friday in a while. Once in a while I still like the challenge. The theme last week was "Treasure" So I conjured up this little drawing of what a child's version of Treasure might be. What I forgot was that the next day the theme was going to chance, so I never had a chance

My Latest Adventures in Caricaturing!

I had a great June  this year doing caricatures at a Bah Mitzvah in Mass., the Somersworth Children's Festival in Somersworth, NH, and The Strawberry Festival in South Berwick, Me, as well as a custom caricature executed in my studio in Eliot, Me.  The two ladies above were in attendance at the Bar Mitzvah. It was a very wet day, but they had planned the event to be held under tents in the driveway. There wasn't enough room in the house for many guest. And they had me situated on the porch. Luckily the paper didn't get too soggy, and everyone had a good time watching me draw!  A sweet girl posed for me at The Strawberry Festival in South Berwick, ME. This silhouette was cut at the Somersworth Children's Festival in Somersworth, NH. My set up at Somersworth Children's Festival! This boy insisted on wearing his hat for the picture! Set up in Somersworth,NH. A Custom Caricature of a family that sent me their photos to work from.

Sneak Peek! Illustrations for "Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat" in Her House are done!Yahoo!

Here are the finals in color for the book I've been working on for the US Baha'i Publishing Trust (Bellwood Press) Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat In Her House! So happy to be done, but also sad!  I had so much fun developing these drawing for Phyllis Ring's wonderful book about a girl dealing with her fears of a bat that's invaded her home! I love how Jamilla deals with her fears and I love how Phyllis resolves the issue of how to take care of the bat. That's a hint"take care"! I won't give away the ending!  Please buy the book to find out! A great gift for any child in your life who has ever had to deal with a fear!  Bellwood Press will be releasing this hopefully sometime later this year! It will be available on so keep a watch out for it!