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Caricaturing-a new passion built on an old skill!

Faces, faces, faces! I love them! Everyone's face is so unique and so who they are! And in my mind everyone is beautiful!! With silhouettes people tend to be so concerned about how they look, and ask me often to minimize that double chin or that hooked nose, or they insist that they are not good-looking enough for a silhouette. They'd rather I do silhouettes of their children rather than themselves. Though some adults don't mind and are excited to have their silhouettes done! I tell them the purpose is to create a likeness not a showpiece, but I always try to be kind and create a profile likeness to their liking of course!. When caricaturing which is still relatively new to me, I've noticed that some people tend to not mind quite as much. They may still request the minimizing of some feature, but will go ahead and have their caricature done anyway, and always seem delighted with the results. Funny isn't it, that they don't mind as much having their features
Description of my silhouetting process: I look and cut silhouettes of a person's profile from black paper, which I then adhere to a piece of cardstock. The process takes under five minutes and seems to be something that onlookers enjoy. For me it actually feels a little like sculpture, in that I'm cutting away the paper that I don't need to create a positive form. I do silhouettes of all ages but especially enjoy the faces of children!