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Naw-Ruz Card Download!


In The Works: Caricature of a Musical Group- drawing instruments!

The last couple of days I've been working on a sketch of a caricature of a musical trio from South Carolina. When I get feedback from the person who commissioned this, I'll be doing it up in color. It's so fun doing caricatures that include musical instruments since I play instruments too!

Below are a picture of me with Salt River (on left) and Me with Mary Kennedy in a group called Windstrum.

"Twisted"-New Drawing for Illustration Friday!

Here's my submission to Illustration Friday  for this week! The theme is "Twisted"! I thought it would be fun to play with  the idea of a girl getting all twisted up in her own braids!

New Look For My Blog! What Do You Think?

I've been playing with different looks and focus for this blog. Still learning as I go. I really enjoy all the learning that I'm engaged in, and have been benefiting  lately from Google Helpouts, that offer information on blogging, gmail, twitter and any kind of tech help! Let me know what you think of my new look!

Here's the Custom Caricature I did recently! I colored this one with watercolor. I haven't worked in Watercolor for a while! Alot of fun! I enjoy creating a caricature that is pretty much an accurate likeness, but is still obviously a caricature!

Valentine's Day Art!

Been working on some Valentine Coloring Sheets! Just for fun! 

Here's a how to draw video for Valentine's Day! Happy Heart Day!

Valentine Collage Downloads available from my Etsy Shop!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Oh how I love Paper cut and collage!  The next two designs are available as downloads in my etsy shop! Check out the others as well.

These next two are offered as custom handcut paper items in my Etsy shop!

Ayyam-i-Ha Cards and my Newest Collage Creations!

Here are two collages I did a while ago. These are both available in my Etsy shop as downloads. They can be printed out as cards for the  Baha'i Holiday-  Ayyam-i-ha which comes at the end of February.

These two collages are my latest submissions to Illustration Friday this week. The theme is "Exotic"! I sometimes feel like playing with shapes and cut paper. Collage can so freeing and fun for me!

Great Ayyam-i-Ha Gift! Babysitter Blues by Leona Hosack- Available from

My book Babysitter Blues, produced by One Voice Press, has been available as an ebook on for some time now. And Ayyam-i-Ha is coming soon! It would make a great gift for the child in your life who is comfortable with reading chapter books.
It would also be appropriate for an older person as well, because the story is basically about a boy who is learning about the Bahai Faith for the first time and is applying some of the spiritual principals to his own life. You can download it right on your kindle, smart phone or other mobile device! I am getting ready, even though it's been a while coming, for my kickstarter project to start. We hope to creat a print version of Babysitter Blues! More on that soon- hopefully next week! So here's a little about Babysitter Blues if you haven't heard of it yet! Fourteen-year-old Evan feels like there's no tomorrow. He's trapped in an unending cycle of babysitting his much younger half-siblings while his mom juggles work an…