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Tea Time For Fairies-New submission to Illustration Friday

Here is my newest submission to Illustration Friday. The theme this week is "Fairies". This is an illustration I did quite a few years ago just for fun, but I think this is the first time I've posted this piece online.  I find that occasionally doing an art challenge like Illustration Friday gets my creative juices flowing and allows me to move forward in my illustrative abilities. Still growing as an artist even in my sixties! And fairies will never go out of style! These fairies are taking a tea time break from all their fairy work! Illustration Friday

My Birthday weekend!

What a great birthday weekend I had a couple weeks ago! On Saturday,2/9 I enjoyed doing Silhouettes at the Valentine event of the Old York Historical Society, in York, Maine! They had planned the event around my doing silhouettes, and had arranged for people to sign up ahead of time, and though we didn't have a crowd of people, there were enough to keep me busy, and several families wanted silhouettes of more than one child and also wanted to buy the extra silhouettes! I always cut two silhouettes at a time, because I can either keep them as extras, or sell them to people for a lesser price. Also cutting a folded piece of silhouette paper (always black on one side and white on the other) with the black on the inside makes it much easier to cut! All in all a very nice (though cold) day at the Old York Village Museum! The next day, February 10 was my birthday! And 27 years ago on that day I gave birth to my last of three children, a son! What a birthday gift! I have to

Cutting Silhouettes for Valentine's Day on Saturday!

I will be cutting Silhouettes this coming Saturday, February 9th, 2019 from 10am to 1 pm  at Old York Historical Society, for their Valentine's Day Event! Call ahead for a reservation.  One free silhouette with your ticket price! Hope to see you there! Happy valentine's day!