Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Passion" is the theme for Illustration Friday this week. Books what a passion!

Illustration Friday Submission by Leona Hosack
This is my submission for Illustration Friday this week. The theme is "Passion"! I thought it would be fun to show this little girl engaged in her "Passion"- Reading! Her bunny loves reading too!

I have been asked to do a pencil sketch of my friend Violet again this year to be used for the game"Pin the Heart on Violet" at her birthday party. What a fun idea for a game!

Sketch by Leona Hosack
My sketch of Violet based on the photo above!

This is the sketch from last year!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Newest Submission to Illustration Friday

I haven't submitted any drawings to Illustration Friday, an online weekly challenge for illustrators, since earlier in 2014. I thought I'd start submitting again, mostly for the challenge, but not to mention the fun! I did this drawing in about a half hour after seeing that the theme this week is Toys!
Illustration Friday
I'm still working on illustrations for "Jamila Does Not Want A Bat In The House"a picture book for the US Baha'i Publishing Trust's children's book imprint- Bellwood Press.

But sometimes doing a quick spontaneous illustration like this helps me balance my need to draw while I'm working on something like a book that requires a lot of research and planning.
Another kind of spontaneous drawing I've been enjoying lately is making mandalas. I will be doing an adult ed. class on Mandalas in Spring, and have been keeping a mandala journal. Here are some samples:
Leona Hosack Art

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kamal's Day and Babysitter Blues make great gifts!

SO grateful that I have two books that I've written and illustrated available on line NOW!  A picture book for the young ones and a chapter book for older readers! My picture book about a day in the life of a Baha'i Child called Kamal's Day, published by Bellwood Press, shows how a young boy studies some Baha'i quotes in his neighborhood children's class and is involved in other core activities in his home and neighborhood.

Glad to say that this book would make a great gift for a child from age 3 to 8!

Me with my book-Kamal's Day, published by Bellwood Press!
Join Kamal as he goes about a typical day in his neighborhood, spending time with his family, attending a neighborhood children's class, visiting an elderly neighbor, playing with his friends, and helping his parents host a study circle. Kamal's Day offers us a glimpse of a young person who is fully engaged in the community-building process, and it is hoped that Kamal will offer families inspriation and encouragement as they strive to be of service in their communities.

To order click here:

My book Babysitter Blues for older readers was also published (in print form) in 2014 by One Voice Press, after a successful kickstarter campaign!
Fourteen-year-old Evan feels like there's no tomorrow. He's trapped in an unending cycle of babysitting his much younger half-siblings while his mom juggles work and classes. His has little memory of his father, who died when he was young, and his mother has just divorced the stepfather to whom he had grown close. A gang of bullies at his school delights in tormenting him. But a sympathetic English teacher and a new friend, Nava, help him to see that sometimes what seems to be a hopeless situation really isn't.

To order click here:
Babysitter Blues is also available for purchase from Barnes&

Kamal's Day and Babysitter Blues make great Ayyam-i-ha gifts!

Kamal's Day and Babysitter Blues make great gifts!

SO grateful that I have two books that I've written and illustrated available on line NOW!  A picture book for the young ones and a ch...