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  Memories-  I remember being a kid about 5 or older, going with my mom to the textile mill shop to pick out fabric for whatever project my Mom was working on for her latest sewing client. She always had customers coming to our house for her wonderful sewing skills.  She often did alterations for them and created hand-made clothing. We went quite often to the textile store. Oh how I loved getting lost in that store, hiding among the rich beautiful bolts of fabrics nestled close together on shelves. It seemed like there were hundreds of them. I became intoxicated by the textures, colors, patterns and feel of the cloth.  When I was in College majoring in Illustration/Visual Design, with a concentration on Children's Books, I did a work-study job for at least one semester, being an assistant to one of the Textile teachers. Besides basic cleaning up after students I got to organize drawing materials, and including labeling shells and other nature items, and putting away still life obje