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Fall is on it's way!

Fall is just about here! What is it about a change in the seasons that make us want to reset our goals, plan new things? Even kids feel something different in the air, even before the trees start to change. Every year I challenge the children in my life to look for the very very first leaf that changes color and to notice what color it is and what kind of leaf it is!      Here are 10 fun outside things to do with your kids this   Fall. This papercut collage is available in my Etsy shop . It is cut in one piece from a paper bag. The brown against black as well as the leafless trees remind me of Fall! This design was chosen to be part of a beautiful treasury featuring the color brown on Etsy recently! . You can also see it and order it in my own etsy shop! . https:// https ting/112591694/fall-design-in-brown-and-black? Thre

Let Face It! Faces Are Fun!

This is a little girl who's caricature I drew at a pool party back in July! And Caricatures I did  on a Casco Bay Cruise out of Portland, Maine in August. I drew these two couples at a Tall Ship Party in Portsmouth also in August!  And these were done at Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia, NH last week! Happy August!

Doing what you love is the cornerstone to having abundance in your life. ~Wayne Dyer

Drawing, drawing, drawing! I love what I do and am so happy I am having more and more chances to do it!  Here's a new cheering child to cheer us on in whatever we want to complete in our lives! has a list of 9 ways to do what you love! check it out! h ttp://   I love drawing children! Here's the  newest posting in my Etsy shop! Happy Smiling!

"..The earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens."- Baha'i Writings

Here are some old illustrations from my portfolios. Clean out time! I'm having fun pulling out things I haven't seen in a long time and scanning them! Here are a Mayan lady, a Mayan dancer and friend, and a little girl. I love drawing people from around the world! They were all done from photos. You may find them soon in my Etsy shop. This is my latest submission to Illustration Friday. The theme this week is "Hybrid"! Happy flying this week!

"To the blessed animals, however, the utmost kindness should be exercised: the more the better it will be. ..." from the Baha'i Writings.

  "To the blessed  animals , however, the utmost  kindness  should be exercised: the more the better it will be. ... " from the Baha'i Writings. This little girl is comforting a sick horse. I did this illustration a few years back for a publishing project based in Macau. Regrettably as far as I know it was never used. It was a good exercise though! I don't often draw horses! Here are two new Caricatures I've been working on recently for a realtor in Portsmouth to be used for business cards and other promo material. This one is for August! And this farmer outstanding in his field is for September!                               And my latest submission to Illustration Friday. The theme is Jungle! I think this elephant misses home! Happy August!