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Custom Silhouettes cut in 2018


Recap: custom caricatures in 2018

This caricature is of the couple below. This caricature of a couple on a bike was based on the photo below, taken many years ago of the parents of the client. This one is a caricature of the business partner of the client, who is originally from Ireland. I was asked to include the specific island he is from in the background, and the Irish symbols of a bag of potatos and a bag of gold. A sketch for the Caricature of the family below. This client send me photos of her and her husband, and one of her parents and their dog. She asked me to make everyone a merperson and the dog a merdog! I did this Wedding caricature of the couple below. Add caption Most recently I was asked to do this full body and gag background Caricature for the client to use as a logo image for her new business. I worked from the photo below.