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Learning a new skill in thirty days!

I decided to join the many artists accepting the online 31 day art challenge #Inktober2019 this year. I hadn't heard of this one before, and though I've done art challenges like Illustration Friday, I tend to draw almost every day, even if I don't have a book project going on, or any caricaturing gigs or custom orders to finish. Drawing is what I do for fun and to relax even if I've been giging! So I didn't need this challenge in order to draw more.  I wanted to try Inktober to get back into posting my work on line more! I amazed myself in that I actually finished the month long challenge by posting my work on line every single day. I hope to utilize that feeling of accomplishment to work on my new goals for 2020! Below are some of my artwork produced in October during the #Inktober 2019 online challenge.