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My latest Caricatures and Face painting too!


3 Ways to Create A Picture Book that Shares Spiritual Concepts

A few years ago I came up with a picture book idea that shows a Baha'i child progressing through his day, and incorporating spiritual concepts into his activities. I was lucky to have had an opportunity to show the idea to an editor at Bellwood Press/US Baha'i Publishing Trust and my book Kamal's Day was published last year and is now available at www.baha' Click here for a direct link:
Here are three ideas that I used in creating this picture book! Happy Writing!
  1.Choose what concept or story you want to share with your readers.  In this book which is a concept book, there's not an actual story with a conflict, and a beginning, middle and end, during which the conflict gets resolved. But there is the story or concept of  what Kamal does during his day and how he practices Baha'i ideals supported by his family. I wanted to help Baha'i children, and others to better understand the act…

The Theme This Week at Illustration Friday is Sleep! My Latest submission!

The theme this week over at  is Sleep! Does this little sleeping child look happy or what? I had fun with graphite and watercolor pencil in this one!

Finally! Here are the final sketches for Jamila Does Not Want A Bat In Her House! What do you think?