Finally! Here are the final sketches for Jamila Does Not Want A Bat In Her House! What do you think?

I've been working on these illustrations for Jamila Does Not Want A Bat In Her House
since last summer and am now ready to finish up the final pictures in color! Since the bat figures prominently in this book but it is not a Halloween book, I am thinking of avoiding Halloween colors, specifically orange, since I can't avoid black, since bats are black (and brown too, I guess!) I have enjoyed working on borders for some of the drawings, and playing with bats in the designs! The book was written by Phyllis Ring and will be published by Bellwood Press, an imprint of the US Baha'i Publishing Trust!

I'm playing with what this will look like in color.


  1. Lee, these are fabuluos! I have loved this storyfor years, and am so happy to see it heading towards publication with your illustrations! xo Allie


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