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Fall Festival Fun!

Two weekends ago I did silhouettes, caricatures and pencil portraits st the Franklin County Fair in Western Mass. and for the last two weekend I cut Silhouettes at Shaker Hill Apple Festival at the Shaker Village in Alfred, ME. , and at the Ipswich Festival at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Mass.  Two of the couples I cut silhouettes for were celebrating their anniversaries that day! Next weekend I'll be back at Spencer-Peice -Little Farm, this time for their Harvest Music Festival from 12 to 4 on Sat. and Sun.       Check it out here:                                                       My table and display at the Shaker Hill Apple Fest. at the Shaker Village in Alfred, ME  I did a caricature of a baby at the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, Mass in early September.

4 Steps To Getting A Cartoon Likeness! And Some Of My Recent Work!

How to get a cartoon likeness! I recently spent a day at LLBean's in Freeport, Maine drawing caricatures of dogs and their owners for their Dog Days Celebration. What fun! And no, the dogs didn't sit still! Practice drawing from life, spend a lot of hours drawing what you see and getting used to making mistakes- that's how you learn! Right? Practice drawing from other cartoon artists or caricaturists(not to claim as your own of course, but just to learn some techniques and iconic use of symbolic eyes, mouths, noses, etc. When you have your subject in the chair look at them to get an idea of unusual features- large or small eyes, large or particularly small nose, mouth, ears, and so on.  Exaggerate some features ie-big ears get bigger, small eyes get smaller. Relax and enjoy! The more you practice, the better you get, no matter how long you've been drawing! Here is a video I like on getting a cartoon likeness! My latest Etsy order was for individual