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Yay! I did it myself! Day 3 #Inktober2019

Yay! Day 3 of #Inktober2019! I drew this using Pigma Micron 02 and 08 ink pens. I'm choosing not to use the suggested list of prompts but am focusing on my Cheering Child designs for now. For shading I just used graphite. This kid is cheering himself on! And his kitty too!

#Inktober2019 Art Challenge- Can I Do It?

 Hi Guys! This is my second Cheering Child design that I'm sharing for #Inktober2019, a 31 day online Art Challenge.  I'm not really sure I'll be able to post every day, but I'm starting out that way and will see how it goes!#leonahosackInktober2019 I have been playing around with my idea of Cheering Children for a while, but now would like to work them up a bit so that I can present them on my Etsy shop eventually as instant downloads for a child's room decor, and also would like to produce these designs on items such as tee-shirts and canvas bags, etc. There is a list of suggested prompts to use for this challenge, but I'm choosing to focus on my own designs and I may work in some Halloween ideas. Everyone needs cheering up now and then, right? Wish me luck!