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How many books did I illustrate in the past decade?

Celebrating 10 years pursuing my art and looking forward to the next ten!  Ten years ago in 2010 I started doing silhouettes and began my Etsy shop! In 2012 I started adding Caricatures to my shop and started doing them in public. In 2014 I started connecting to online agencies and began to do silhouettes and caricatures for private parties, festivals  and weddings for hire! Some pictures included below! Before that time I had  illustrated one book, and had had some illustrations in a several collections of stories and some children's magazines, but not often. I have written and/or illustrated eight children's book since 2010, and am about to start illustrations for two more children's books in 2020! Here's the list! Yahoo! Books Written and Illustrated by Leona Hosack Babysitter Blues, published by One Voice Press, distributed by US Baha’i Publishing Trust, available at 2013 Kamal’s Day(Picture Book) pu