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How to find an online file converter!

I am excited that my illustrations have been accepted on a wonderful website called Storybird. www.  I have been in the process of trying to find an online free converter that will tranform my jpg files into tiff. files, and hopefully will also convert my regular rgb (red, green, blue) files to a cmyk(cyan, magenta, yellow and black) file, because these format are what the website requires. Since I don't have a photoshop program and I'm not quite up to speed on the Gymp program on my laptop, finding the right resource on line has been a challenge.  Today I found one that works - for me anyway! Yahoo! I still have to resize the pictures I've chosen, but that I can do on an iphoto program I have on my pc. But I found a website on line that converts not only from rgb to cmyk, but converts from jpg to tiff at the same time. I highly recommend it. The two pictures below are two different versions of my artwork entitled &

Recent Work!

 Here is my latest work: Below is a caricature I did for a local realter who sometimes uses caricatures for promotional materials.  Notice the houses on the birthday cake and the house shaped package on the top of the present pile!   I have been accepted as an illustrator to post my work on  so I have been engaged in the process of converting some of my art files from jpg's to Tiff files, as well as changing them to the appropriate color format. This is an image that just came to me about a year ago, and I had the sketch above for all of that time, and was not sure whether it was worth finishing or not. I didn't have a story in mind or any thought of why it's a bird girl or why she looks sad or confused. I took it out of my files because I think it would fit well into the Storybird website. The idea of the website is that writers can choose an image and write about it! SO here it is (below) in process. I'm still thinking about w

End of 2015 Silhouettes and Caricatures

These are pics of the last two gigs I did in 2015! Plus a great video on how to cut silhouettes and a very informational video on caricaturing tools! Now I'm ready to use my off season to drum up some new gigs for the 2016 Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday Season! I'm very excited about a Wedding Vendor Mixer I'm going to in a week in Portsmouth, Maine, sponsored by! Hope to line up some wedding gigs for my silhouetting OR caricaturing or even both! A Silhouette I cut  in about five minutes at Sarah Orne Jewett House in the middle of south Berwick, ME during their Home For The Holidays Christmas Celebration in early December 2015. My table set up with my silhouette display at historic Sarah Orne Jewett House in South Berwick, ME. Sarah Orne Jewett House South Berwick, ME For more info. on the history of Jewett House click here: Here'