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Fall Fair Season and recent work!

We have been attending several Fall fairs in the last few weeks starting with the Franklin County Fair in Western Mass. a couple of weekends ago! It is actually held in my home town of Greenfield, Mass. I was especially excited, not only because I was able to visit with family and old friends while I was there, some of whom I haven't seen in many years, but also because, with the help of my husband I was able to offer for the first time- my caricatures, silhouettes and portraits on tee-shirts! A realistic pencil drawing I did at the Franklin County Fair in Mass. A caricature of my grand nephew Jacob on a tee shirt- drawn at the Franklin County Fair. A sweet family who posed for me at the Fair in Mass. My sweet hubby Larry puts my drawings and silhouettes on tee-shirts if people request them, right on the spot at Fairs and also if ordered through my Etsy shop!