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Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs!

 I have been practicing drawing caricatures of dog owners and their dogs for an upcoming caricaturing gig I have in a week at LLBean in Freeport, Maine! August 24th is Dog Days of August at LL Bean! Click here for more info:  I've drawn dogs before many times, as well as people of course. But I haven't particularly drawn pet owners with their dogs in the same picture, though I did draw a lady with a pet rooster once! These people and dogs are all drawn by me from google images or made up- just for practice!   Practice, practice, practice! Here's a video on how to draw a simple cartoon                                    dog! Enjoy!

How to Develop a Custom Caricature

 I just completed a double caricature commissioned through my Etsy Shop. I was sent a photo of these sisters and went back and forth with the client several times sending her sketches and redoing them as she requested until the sketch was just what she wanted. Then I drew it in permanent black ink and added color with colored pencils, with a touch of white paint for the crowns and highlights in their eyes! A finished photo from my phone. The photo I worked from ! A teethy version of this caricature of the two sisters. You can see in the original drawing (above) that the teeth on both girls were more prominent and goofy. She requested a softening of the side of the faces and less emphasis on the teeth. The final color piece reflects this. I find that a lot of people, though not all, do not want teeth showing in their caricatures, especially at festivals. Sometimes it's just that they don't want to smile! But I love the smiles in the photo I worked from! So