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Little Cutie! My Latest Custom Silhouette!

Here is my latest custom order for a silhouette. I just cut this today! What a sweetie-pie! I use two sided black and white silhouette paper, and I just look at the photo and cut, as I would do at a festival or event. It usually takes about five minutes! Sometimes when doing a custom order I'll do it over several times to get it just right, but this one I did only once. When I get the feedback from the mom I may still do it over, depending on her approval, but since it only takes a few minutes do-overs are not a big deal!

How To Draw Emotions!

I have had many opportunities lately to do drawings of people and animals which show various emotions and I have had a lot of fun experimenting with what different emotions might look like!

Here are some sketches I've done over the years of children showing various emotions! And a great video by well-know Illustrator and Teacher Will Terry on drawing emotions!