Monday, December 2, 2013

Story Telling in Illustration! Video on Norman Rockwell!


 It's such and important part of visual art, believe it or not. Especially in illustration! When I saw that the Theme of this week's Illustration Friday challenge is "Refrain" I instantly thought of two meanings of the word. Refrain-to keep from doing something, and -the chorus of a song. I think I managed to depict them both in this illustration. What do you think? What is the story here? The illustration below is one I did a few years back for a book idea I had called "Katy Has A Kitty." I still have a lot to learn about story telling in Illustration but practicing helps!

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My newest submission to Illustration Friday! The theme this week is "Refrain"!
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Cover for "Katy Has A Kitty".

Norman Rockwell is one of my favorite American artists!  He was both an amazing portrait artist and illustrator! I remember with fondness visiting the Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass. with my family when I was a kid. And through out all the art history classes I was required to take in art school, and when I studied Art Ed., and though I have many favorites, Norman Rockwell stands out as a incredible artist and storyteller whose work continues to inspire me!

The video below celebrates the life and work of Norman Rockwell. It's narrated by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, who are both great story tellers as well as collectors of Norman Rockwell's Art! I love that it includes a discussion of how Rockwell actually influenced their own work as filmmakers! Towards the end they mention the significance of Rockwell's own self-portrait! Enjoy!

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