Monday, November 25, 2013

What is Sighting? And how do I use it in drawing?

Caricature, portraits, black and white, pen and ink
A black and white caricature of a girl.

When I do Caricatures, Portraits and Silhouettes at festivals, weddings and events people often ask me how I achieve a likeness. In Art school I learned a lot of things and tried using a variety of art tools, but when I draw in order to produce a likeness I use a "tool" called Sighting. Sighting is a method of comparing and measuring one part of what you are drawing to another part in order to correct your drawing as you go. Here are two great videos on using sighting to see the way an artist sees.

This is the photo I worked from for the caricature portrait above!

Pencil, Portrait
A pencil portrait of a girl- done earlier this year.
Portraits, pencil, shading
Pencil Portrait of my granddaughter, Bailey

Oil Portrait, Painting,impressionistic
Girl in Yellow-Oil Painting

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