Monday, November 18, 2013

Can Grandma write a graphic novel?

Since festival season is over and Christmas parties have yet to come, though it's just about here, I've been able to work on my graphic novel, and am almost ready to send  some sample pages of it out to an agent I've contacted with the hope of moving forward towards publication. Wish me luck!

This fantasy story features a young girl who is a slave of a witch, and an enchanted bowl who helps her overcome the witch! I've never done a story on this form before so it's been a lot fun studying graphic novels and learning about the form. I love working with the compostion and have really enjoyed using this venue to tell a story! 

This Idiot's Guide on how to plan the Panels for your Graphic Novel was very helpful to me. If you would like to know more about how to lay out a graphic novel click here!

Fantasy, YAGraphic Novel, submission to literary agents
Zarin takes the enchanted bowl out of the cubboard. Will it be able to help her destroy the witch?
Fantasy, Witch, Magic, writing fantasy YA novels
Zarin follows the instructions of the enchanted bowl.
magic incantation, submission to literary agent, children's books
Zarin says the magic words!

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