Sunday, November 10, 2013

A new way for your child to enjoy an ebook! More sneak peeks from Kamal's Day!

 This is an interesting video about a website that offers a more interactive way for your child to enjoy ebooks, as well as another way for children's book authors and illustrators to have their work published. You can record you voice to be heard by the child while they look at the ebook! What will they think of next! Check it out here:

Here are a few illustrations I did a while ago, plus two illustrations (below) from my upcoming picture book, Kamal's Day to be released soon from Bellwood Press, an imprint of the US Baha'i Publishing Trust.
Girl with guitar

This is an illustration I did a few years back for the Core Curriculum Series of Books
 put out by The National Spiritual Assembly of Baha'i of the US.
pencil sketch
The sketch for the finished piece above.
dog, baha'i, children
This is from my picture book Kamal's Day!
Snack time at Children's  class!
Clean up time. Even the dog helps!

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