Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A great video on new ways to market your illustrations/ and some pics from my sketchbook

 A sketch of a mouse, just for fun- because I don't do animals very often!
I think he's an exceptional mouse! 

How many ways are there to market your illustration work? 

I am so in learning mode about this and I've included here an awesome and helpful video! This is Will Terry( Folio Academy), well known children's book illustrator and teacher and he's right on the mark with great advice! He offers an overview of the changes in the illustration field since he started in 1992. Towards the end of this video he shares a lot of great ideas on how to market your illustrations in creative ways, illustrated (no pun intended) by stories of people he knows. He ends by saying "The internet ignores mediocrity, but it celebrates the exceptional. Go out  and be exceptional."  Enjoy!!                                               

electric guitar, drawing, sketchbook, musician
A sketch  of a friend of mine playing in a band last summer!
Ballpoint Pen Sketch, emotional, child, temper tantrum
A boy yelling - just because I don't draw unhappy kids very often!
Big Head, Girl, Caricature, Cartoon
A caricature of a girl I saw in passing on the street once!

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