Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! Collage work!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Been going through my digital art files and found these designs for cards I made a while ago. Not sure if I still have the originals, but  thought I'd share these here. I love cut paper collage! Most of my work is portrait work- caricature, silhouettes, or pencil portraits, as well as illustrations for kid books. The materials I usually rely on include, colored pencils, art stix, permanent markers, or even watercolor. But not often collage or cut paper except in silhouettes! However I did include some collage along with watercolor in my book Kamal's Day (available from I find that using cut paper or collage is a way of freeing up my style and allowing me to move places artisically, that I don't usually work with.

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This is the cover for Kamal's Day.
I used bits and pieces of collage paper, including some origami paper, in every illustration.

The first illustration in Kamal's Day.

Another illustration from Kamal's Day.

This was an experiment in illustrating a song I once wrote called "Living On The Coast Of Maine". I used colored pencils and collage as well as silhouettes. This picture won a blue ribbon once in an exhibit a few years ago.
Happy Drawing!

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