Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tri-corner hats? Silhouettes at York Marketfest!

Last weekend I did Silhouettes at York Marketfest!
I was right in front of Jeffers Tavern and  Parsons visitor center, both part of historic York Village!
 Some pics of my silhouette table at Marketfest in York. 
It was a cold day to start, warm in the middle of the day and then cold again towards the end, but sunny all day!

Peopke like my framed dog silhouette! Dogs are so fun to do!
Many people were in costume, volunteering at historic York Village!

Here are the duplicates I cut of the silhouettes in the above picture!

I always have to remember to leave enough space for the hat when I cut silhouettes of poeple wearing hats! The tri-corner hat was challenging but fun!

A happy couple! He put his hat on after I cut his silhouette!


Three ladies, three generations!
They all wanted their silhouettes together on one mount!

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