Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween! How To Draw A Witch!

I drew this little girl witch to wish you a happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and though I don't like to get dressed up myself, I love seeing my grandgirls and other people and children in costume. And I love drawing witches, pumpkins and the like!

Here are some Halloween designs available in my etsy shop!

Three Bats and a Friend- Hand Made Collage cut Happy Halloween Pumpkin Design

As a little girl learned to draw pretty much on my own by just looking at things and people, and practicing drawing, but now and then I would watch a TV show on how to draw. Below is one of the first drawing shows I ever saw, and probably one of the first how to draw TV shows ever. I couldn't believe I found this on You Tube! I haven't seen it since I was very little! Enjoy!

Here are several videos on drawing a witch! 

When I was a kid all my witches looked like this!
  How to draw pumpkins!

Of course I always
think that the best way to learn how to draw something is to just look at it and draw, draw, draw!
 Practice, practice, practice!
Happy Halloween!

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