Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Are These Ladies Waiting For? How do you get things done and find balance in your day?

What are these ladies standing around for? What are they waiting to do? Getting it done seems so impossible sometimes! I did this drawing of Nesting Dolls for a project I was happy to be involved with a few years back! They remind me of how hard it is to get going on something you want to accomplish. Sometimes it feels easier to just "stand around" than to tackle the thing you're putting off.
And sometimes I feel as stationary as these dolls look!
Pen and Ink drawing done for "Sarah Farmer's Dream Activity Book published by Spirit of Children

This image from Time Management Ninja helps me to remember to work towards balance in my day. Check out their article on 5 Secrets of Keeping Your Daily Life in Balance  5 Secrets of Balance

Today is going to be a balancing act! 
In this Ted Talk on The Discipline of Finishing Conor Neill shares different ideas about focusing, and at one point mentions  focusing on just fifteen minutes at a time!
Two Japanese Ladies -pen and ink also from "Sarah Farmer's Dream!

I did these two oil portraits a few years ago. I'll be posting them as sample of  custom oil portraits in my Etsy Shop soon!

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