Monday, September 16, 2013

The Serenity of New England in the Fall and Silhouettes at the Shaker HIll Apple Fest. in ALfred, Maine

This is a watercolor I did a while ago for the inside of one of  Salt River's CD's. Must be Maine!
There was a huge turnout at the Shaker Hill Apple Fest in Alfred, Maine this past weekend. The weather was wonderful, though it rained a bit on Saturday morning early. Luckily the tents worked well to keep the rain off and it didn't last long. I cut many silhouettes and enjoyed talking with people and hearing their stories of how their Grandmother had their silhouettes done when they were kids, or how they had them done at Disney world or at Old Orchard Beach.
People always ask how I cut the silhouettes and are surprised when I tell them I just look and cut! No lights, tracing or pre-drawing!
Isn't it funny how we can recognize a silhouette of a person from the side when we never seem to spend time looking at our friends from the side.

Happy Fall Festival Season!

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