The Emotional Risk of Creativity/Updates on my Current Projects!

Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat Love Pray shares some incredible ideas in this Ted Talk video "Your Elusive Creative Genius", about the emotional risks we take as creative beings. She explores some amazing perceptions about the source of our creativity and our relationship to our creative work!

After many years of writing songs or generating ideas for stories or for art projects I can really identify with the concepts in this video. Sometimes a creative idea can seem to take on an identity and presence all it's own. Many times I've felt like a tune or story actually just writes itself and all I need to do is get out the way!

One of my current projects I'm working on is another Caricature of Justin the Realtor. Here are all the ones I've done so far!

The next three will be for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Time to put my thinking cap on!

For Halloween should I make a caricature of Justin as Frankinstein with a bread, a ghost with a beard, or a vampire with a beard? 

This  silhouette is not the final but I'll keep it as a sample.

-Another project on my table right now is a silhouette of a girl which was ordered through email. I worked from a photo sent with the email. Doing a silhouette ordered through email allows me to put more thought and time into it as opposed to festival work which is quick and automatic, you just look and cut!

Several other projects have just been requested through my Etsy shop!- a full size double silhouette of a bride and groom, and a calligraphy piece including an illustration of the Shrine of The Bab which is on Mount Carmel at the Baha'i International Center in Haifa, Israel. What fun!!!

Happy Creating!


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