Drawing Faces at the Fair!

This past weekend I enjoyed cutting silhouettes ,and doing portraits and caricatures of people of all ages, but I especially love drawing and silhouetting the kids! But sometimes, especially at a fair or festival a child just doesn't want to sit still or even smile. Now I work very quickly and don't mind squirming children, but sometimes parents will feel embarrassed if their child is getting close to that tantrum stage.
I try to speak directly to the child and make eye contact when I can, which is what I need do anyway to get a good view of their face when I'm doing a portrait or caricature.

I always have my favorite "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" ready to hand to parents when the wiggles get the better hand of a younger child. This is me cutting Silhouettes at the Strawberry Festival last June. This family has come back for new silhouettes every year for the last few years!

Here are  some pictures I just found in my files from last year at Alfred Festival in Alfred, Maine. This little girl was very patient, and seemed to enjoy sitting while I drew her Caricature and while watching me finish!

More pictures from last weekend at the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, Mass.
I got to do a pencil portrait of My sister Elaine. (Below) That's her husband Buddy next to her.

My new sign!

This girl definitely did not want to smile! Oh well! Her mom smiled enough for the both of them!

This girl wasn't really feeling like sitting at first....
...but got very interested when I started to draw her as a gymnast in a circus as she requested!

My two sisters and me!

Cutting a silhouette!

Doing a double Caricature!

Tristan and Sarah watching as I did their Caricature.

I had a line waiting for most of the two days at  the fair. People enjoyed watching the process over my shoulder!


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