Busy, busy, busy!

Red & Shorty's Coffee House! A very acoustically live room and a great little stage!
Ever notice how when you are doing something you dislike or feel forced to do, you feel busy or overwhelmed, but when you are doing what you love you can't get enough and being busy doesn't affect you the same way? I could be drawing caricatures for five hours and then at night I when I'm resting I may still feel like drawing!
What a greeeeat weekend I had! I was fortunate to be able to do caricaturing, silhouettes and music all in the same weekend! And yes I was busy but it didn't feel that way! I did caricatures at a wedding reception, Friday night, and then got to sing with my husband Larry at  the wedding on Saturday morning. I performed with Salt River at Red and Shorty's Coffeehouse in Dover, NH, Saturday night and did silhouettes at a music festival in Newberry, Mass on Sunday! Needless to say I was tired Sunday night but happy to be doing what I love!

Photo: Salt River!!
That us playing music at Red and Shorty's in Dover, NH. That's me playing the guitar.

They have different performances each month! Check out Red & Shorty's facebook page! 

This was a lovely lady from Boston who wanted her silhouette done at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm's Harvest Music Fest.
At the Harvest Music Festival at Historic New England's Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newberry, Mass. there were farm animals for the kids to pet, folk and bluegrass music to dance to, lots of food, even gluten-free whoopie pies!

The first thing I discovered when I got set up, was that I had no business cards! I knew already that I had run out of silhouette business cards, but I thought I had brought enough of my caricaturing cards with me, but no! So in between customers I measured out and cut up some paper, and hand-made my own business cards, with tiny silhouettes on them! I had plenty of paper and my trusty and sharp silhouette sissors with me. People seemed to like them and didn't care that they weren't printed!

Another funny thing happened at this festival that's never happened before! A woman came over and wanted her little boys' silhouette done, and then her husband came over and she walked away.

When I was done the husband took the silhouette, thanked me and walked away before I realized that they hadn't paid me. I looked for them but they were lost in the crowd! Oh well! I just kept on cutting silhouettes. What could I do? I couldn't picture myself running after them saying "You didn't pay me, so pay up!"

The next couple that came had me do all three of their children and wanted the extras as well. They then paid me and as I was still finishing up they walked away saying they would pick them up later. Well, they didn't come back, and they didn't come back! I kept watching for them, but didn't see them again. And I thought "oh well. this makes up for the people that didn't pay! Finally at the very end just as I was beginning to pack up they came back and got their silhouettes! I was so glad  they came back.

I did so many silhouettes I was too busy to take many pictures. I did two silhouettes of dogs and they sat not perfectly still, but did better than most dogs! I always do two silhouettes at a time and if no one wants the extra one  I can keep it as a sample! A lot of people bought the extras this time but I do have these two!


  1. I LOVE your silhouettes - I am in awe every time I see them! And what a busy weekend, wow. You wrote that it didn't "feel" that busy, which shows how much you love your work and how talented you are at it!!

  2. Wow you are working hard (and loving it!). Have you considered doing silhouettes of the Yaran? or Hands of the Cause? would be wonderful. Also,have you considered doing paper-cut illustrations for children's book all in black (or white). keep up the hard work (fun).


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