This has been my Tenth Year doing Caricatures! How Do I Do A Caricature?

Drawing Caricatures all year has been such a source of joy for me, and after the reduced events of the past two years,  it was so much fun, doing caricatures at parties, weddings, festivals and graduation events! I think I have had more gigs this year than before the Pandemic, which is really meaningful to me, since this is my tenth year doing caricatures!

Below are photos from a few of my Fall gigs!

Some people always ask me what part of the face I choose to exaggerate first and how I decide that. I don't really think about it consciously, because I'm used to doing this. But If I take the time to think about it I would choose to increase or reduce whatever stands out to me first when I look at a person. Large ears will be larger, small eyes smaller, long hair, longer- all compared to the rest of the face. 

Each caricaturist does it a different way but, I draw the face from the inside out. I found out that if I draw the outline of the face first I have trouble making the features fit, so I draw the features first. There is no one right way to do it. 
That's just the way I do it!

I did this caricature at Eliot Festival Day in Eliot, ME, September 2022

I had so much fun doing caricatures at KidCon in Portland, ME. in October!

This was also done at KidCon. 

I drew this happy guy at a town Halloween Party at Kittery Community Center in Kittery, ME.

Here are some of the custom works that I did in the studio this year! There were ordered through my Etsy Shop.

A color caricature of a brother and sister.
The customer wanted a caricature of her father as one of the Lollipop Guild
guys from The Wizard of Oz.

Three Roommates and Their Cat! This is the sketch, the final is forthcoming!
What a great Christmas gift!
Happy Drawing!


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