Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Picture Book-3 Tips on Getting It Done!

Last Spring, I was honored to be asked to illustrate a picture book about a little dog who gets lost in the woods. and even though my time was tight, and the work space I have to work in was also very tight, I went ahead and did 15 illustrations from May to the beginning of Dec. in time for the book to be released for Christmas. Here are some of the illustrations from the book. It's called "The Adventures of Mr. Muffins" and was written and self -published by Bill Pagum of Kittery, Me, with the help of Piscataqua Press out of Portsmouth, NH. It is available on and also at River Run Books in Portsmouth.

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Even though my available time was relegated to an hour or so at a time here and there, on top of my work for hire and at festivals, as a silhouettist and caricaturist, and a part-time job as a pre-school teacher, and the space I work in pretty much limited to a tray table, I found myself utilizing 3 ideas that helped me move forward with the project and continues to help me with any project that comes up.
  • 1. Do it anyway! if all you have is a 10 minute window , do whatever you can in those ten minutes that will help you feel like you're moving forward. It's a wonderful feeling and it'll help you want to carve out more time when you can, when you can see your project actually taking shape.
  • 2. Don't wait for the working conditions to be perfect. For years I had whole rooms available to me as studios and for some reason the work wasn't coming my way then. Now I have more work than I ever dreamed of, and am so grateful to have it that i don't care if I draw on a clipboard on my lap!
  • 3. It's important to please your client, of course, but make sure you are happy with the results yourself, even if it means doing a piece of artwork over, and threatens to delay completion. You have to live with it in published form, so be sure you like the results yourself!

Happy Drawing!

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