Finding space to work and how to make bats look nice?

Illustration by Leona Hosack

"Bats fly in the sky when the sun goes down" says Jamilla's mother.... 

"Zip, zip, the bat flies, in a shape like an '8'....."

Challenge: How to find room in my little bitty but cute house to spread out my sketches as I work on my new illustration project- Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat In Her House, for the Baha'i Publishing Trust? I have some space in the office I share with my hubby, and I'm used to drawing on a drawing board on my lap, but in this case I need to spread out now and then, just to see the progression of things! Soooo, I cleared off my beautifully long kitchen counter and yahoo! I have a great space to work on! No problema!

Also another question I've had is to how to illustrate a children's book that includes a bat, without making it look too halloweeny.   So I googled up images of bats and am working on it! How cute is my bat?

Another challenge that I'm imposing on myself is that I want to include borders that utilize cut paper designs as well as silhouettes of bats- since I've had so much fun in the last year doing what I call silhouette designs, inspired by my silhouette work. More of that to come! Exciting!!!!


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