Fall is on it's way!

Fall is just about here! What is it about a change in the seasons that make us want to reset our goals, plan new things? Even kids feel something different in the air, even before the trees start to change. Every year I challenge the children in my life to look for the very very first leaf that changes color and to notice what color it is and what kind of leaf it is!      Here are 10 fun outside things to do with your kids this   Fall. http://creativewithkids.com/10-fun-fall-activities-in-your-backyard/

This papercut collage is available in my Etsy shop . It is cut in one piece from a paper bag. The brown against black as well as the leafless trees remind me of Fall!

You can also see it and order it in my own etsy shop!.https://etsy.com/lishttpsting/112591694/fall-design-in-brown-and-black?

Three more variations on the fall leaf design!

Happy Fall!


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