Recent Work!

 Here is my latest work:

Below is a caricature I did for a local realter who sometimes uses caricatures for promotional materials.  Notice the houses on the birthday cake and the house shaped package on the top of the present pile!

 I have been accepted as an illustrator to post my work on  so I have been engaged in the process of converting some of my art files from jpg's to Tiff files, as well as changing them to the appropriate color format. This is an image that just came to me about a year ago, and I had the sketch above for all of that time, and was not sure whether it was worth finishing or not. I didn't have a story in mind or any thought of why it's a bird girl or why she looks sad or confused.

I took it out of my files because I think it would fit well into the Storybird website. The idea of the website is that writers can choose an image and write about it! SO here it is (below) in process. I'm still thinking about what color to use on the town and landscape below. I'm doing it in watercolor pencil, and I like choosing whether to apply water or not. In some areas it will look like colored pencil and in other areas- like watercolor- for effect.
 Happy Drawing!!


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