How To Break Through A Creative Block!

Drawing of Zoe
I worked on this drawing of a cute dog at the Alfred Festival in Alfred, ME. The owner handed me her cell phone with a photo of her dog and I worked on it at my portrait booth.  I had to move quickly through it and finish it as quickly as I could! It took about 15 minutes!

I also did this boy's pencil portrait at the Alfred Festival this year.

Here are a couple of great videos about dealing with Aritistic or creative block. In this video by Katy Tafoya, I like what she calls automatic writing . I used something like that recently to take one of my current projects- a fantasy novel to a new level! Wonderful! This next video is by my favorite Illustration Teacher-Will Terry from Folio Academy.!He has lots of good things to say about artist or writer's block! Enjoy!!


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