Want to Live a Passionate Life? Change Your Thoughts- by guest blogger Katy Tafoya

Portraits by Leona Hosack
This is one of my recent commissions through my Etsy shop!
The photo I worked from is above.
As I pursue being an artist, based on my passion for portrait work and illustration, I marvel in the fact that as I go forward, I am learning each day to let go of the need or habit of focusing on what I don't want.
The process of practicing giving myself permission to actually go after what I do want, is beginning to produce a balance of focus that is bringing me better and better results! I have been following Katy Tafoya's work as a small business mentor and life coach for some time and have found her work encouraging and inspiring!
Katy Tafoya says that lack of focus can wear us down, adding to our unhappiness.
 Below is a great article by Katy Tafoya   www.successforsoloprenuers.com

Want to Live a Passionate Life? Change Your Thoughts

One of the first things I learned when I started working on finding my focus and rediscovering my passion was that I needed to find out what I wanted.

It sounds so simple really.  But think about it…how many times do you reply "I don’t know" or "I don’t care" when someone asks you "what do you want…"

What do you want for dinner?  What movie do you want to see?  What are you wearing to the party?  Where do you want to go on vacation? What do you want to do with your life?  What makes you happy? What would you do with a million dollars?

I don’t know. I don’t care.  Whatever you feel like.  I’m not sure.

We don’t know what we want.  And that lack of focus is slowly wearing us down.  It’s allowing us to wander around unfocused and in a daze.

Is it any wonder we’re not happy?  Is it any wonder that we wake up one day and realize if we don’t leave our spouse, our job, our home, we’ll scream!  Is it any wonder we’re eating so much crap out of boredom?

This needs to change.  And it needs to change now.

You NEED to have a serious sit down with yourself and figure out what you want.

I like to start my clients out by having them create a list of what they want in life…who do they want to BE, how do they want that to look, what do they want to DO and what sort of life (things and more) will they HAVE.

Believe it or not, but for many, this is a tough exercise.  Some folks find it easier to work backwards and start with what they DON’T want to have, what they DON’T want to do and who they DON’T want to be.

Sometimes what we don’t want to be, to do, to have is a lot clearer than what we do want.  We can base our DON’Ts off of our past experiences…well I don’t want to work 60 hours a week; well I don’t want to be a bitch and treat my employees the way my boss treated us; well I don’t want that kind of relationship.

And once you identify what you don’t want, you can ask yourself what you do want instead.

The good news is that change is easy.

Yeah, I know, we all hate making changes.  But honestly, it’s easy enough to do.  And as Gabrielle Bernstein tells us in "Add more ~ing to Your Life"..."with the slightest willingness, you will receive change."

Change your thoughts…change your attitude…change your attitude…change your life.

Katy Tafoya holds the totally radical belief that running a small business can actually be fun and easy (no one needs to be overwhelmed or stressed).  She is passionate about wanting to help women fall back in love with their business (and their lives). To read more articles like this and to get to know Katy better, be sure to visit her at SuccessforSolopreneurs.com.


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