Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to do 18 Portraits in 5 days!

Portraits by Leona Hosack
Caroline Kathleen Appler
I've been very fortunate to have received many orders through my Etsy shop in the last week. Altogether (but who's counting, right?) -I had  eighteen portrait orders from Wednesday to Sunday last week. Some were requested to be done in time for Mother's Day!I had such a blast drawing these beautiful children! I must admit that I tend to fall in love with any face I draw, no matter whose face it is, but I especially love the little ones!

As I worked I was grateful for several programs on both my pc and my laptop which allowed me to enlarge the photos I was working from. I worked from sketching very lightly, to gradually putting down  darker and darker pencil lines; being aware of subtle gradations of value and trying to maintain a fresh look by not blending with my fingers, which I used to always do. I find that leaving the lines in tact and visible makes the drawing more vibrant!

This is the photo I worked from for the portraits of the following three sisters!
No I didn't draw the princess! Maybe later!

One was an order for fourteen caricatures which weren't actually for Mother's Day but for a conference for hotel managers in North Carolina, which was an event happening on the weekend! Here are a few of those caricatures! I did a lot of research looking up background images to go with each person that reflected their personalities! Google images are great!

 Happy Drawing!

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