Monday, April 21, 2014

Portrait of Adam and More!

Portraits by Leona Hosack
Portrait of my son Adam
My handsome son Adam.

The other night, taking a break from the children's book I'm working on, I did a portrait of my son Adam! Another sample for my Etsy shop.

 I chose to leave out the color on his hair and shirt- just to experiment! A way to highlight the face! This was done with graphite and watercolor pencils.  What do you think?
The theme this week at Illustration Friday is "Natural". I submitted a color sketch I did last year at a farmer's market in Dover, NH. I sketch all the time when I'm out, especially when I'm sitting at a concert or listening to a talk.

Sketching at a farmer's market

On the spot sketching- Deerfield Coffee House at Deerfield, NH
I sketched this (left) while listening to my friend "Poor Howard"
perform with Mike Rogers at a coffee house in  Deerfield, NH.   I was drawing from a ways away and he had a different guitar at the time! It was a great coffee house with                                                                                                                                                                 Happy Drawing!

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