More Sketches For Jamilla book

Working on my sketches for Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat In Her House today! I've learned recently from my editor, that the format is going to be a square format rather than rectangular, and that the text will be on separate pages throughout the book.

So I am redoing my sketches, which is ok, since I originally went ahead with the format I choose rather than waiting to hear for sure. I had just wanted to get started!
.  I am still thinking about incorporating cut paper-collage borders throughout the book.Still not sure how to do it. Today my goal is get as many sketches redone in the new format as I can! Moving forward! Yahoo!
The bat flies in a figure eight!
 The bat swooping down over Jamilla's parent's heads-
 Jamilla hides in her room.

The bat comes back out during dinner!

This would be the last illustration- "We had to care for the bat..."


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