How I Illustrate a Children's Book/ My Latest Portrait!

Sketch for US Bahai Publishing Trust
Illustration for "Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat In Her House"

 Here are more sketches for "Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat in Her House" a book I'm illustrating for the US Baha'i Publishing Trust and written by Phyllis Ring. Getting ready to send these off to the publisher. I'm trying to decide what to do for the borders. I want to experiment with collage and maybe throw in some silhouettes of bats and other things. The larger illustrations will be done in watercolor. It's interesting because in each page the text asks for more action that can be fit in the illustration along with text, so I'm showing some of the action in the borders! Challenging and fun!

Sketch for US Bahai Publishing Trust/ Bellwood Press.

Sketch for Phyllis Ring's Book
"Jamilla Does Not Want A Bat In Her House"

My latest commissioned work-
a graphite portrait with words arranged halo-like around the subject's head.


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