O SON OF SPIRIT! I created thee rich, why dost thou bring thyself down to poverty?..."

The above quote is from the Baha'i Writings! I love this quote! God created us rich in the ability to be creative, and to connect to the spiritual world and to put into the world whatever we can to make it a better place! Whatever we put our minds to we can do it! Here's a new cheering child to cheer us on this week!

And here are two caricatures of my granddaughters Phaedra and Bailey as a Princess and Ballet Dancer respectively.
This is my weekly  submission to Illustration Friday! The theme this week is guess what! Robots! 
I thought I take a parenting view with this theme. I'm sure this robot mom is thinking "Time for a nap! Not for the baby, for me!!"

Have a great week!


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